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2021 payment champions — © BlackFin Tech

If we had to name one fintech sector that benefited from the pandemic crisis, it would definitely be Payment. With the shift towards an economy that relies much more on online interactions, online payments have increased a lot since 2020. According to, “the coronavirus pandemic accelerated payments industry digitization by two to three years”. To give you figures, the global digital payments industry is expected to hit $6.6trn value in 2021, a 40% increase in two years — according to data presented by.

A more structural…

In the first 3 quarters of 2020, European insurtechs have raised more than €480m so far through a little more than 50 deals — among which 34 B2B insurtechs have raised €238m. At BlackFin, we’ve invested in 5 European insurtechs since 2018: Paris-based Descartes Underwriting, Epsor and Akur8, Dutch Friss, and more lately, Spanish Bdeo. As a joyful reward in such a tough year, 3 of them were featured last November in the as part of the world’s most innovative InsurTech companies.

Here is an overview of the 20 European biggest deals of the year so far:

2020 Top 20 Insurtech deals as of December 1st


Dear Fintech lovers,

We hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the summer! The Sun didn’t dry out all activity though; with many deals being announced this past week.

This past week, the equivalent of €100m got raised across 10 deals. The list is led by the British fintech , which announced a £30m Series C.

Also, this week we’re very proud of our portfolio company , which announced the closing of its Series C round! Ravelin is a British company specialised in fraud detection during online payments. We’ve been supporting them since their $10m Series B in 2018…

Dear fintech lovers,

This week is the week of the Bastille day in France! Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating the 231st anniversary of Storming of the Bastille which was a key event in the French revolution! Fireworks will be launched all around France tomorrow night!

€87m were raised through 10 deals across Europe last week! But if this week is supposed to be the “French week”, last week was definitely the British one, with 6 fintech deals and more than 55 million euros raised across UK! …

Dear fintech enthusiasts,

Most of the kids are now in holidays, and we are definitely starting to feel summer coming but that’s not enough to stop fundraising activity.

7 start-ups have announced their fundraising this week. In total, more than 88,5 million euros have been raised during the past week, of which 76% is represented by one deal: .

Banktech is largely the most represented category with five deals out of seven, the remaining ones being a Regtech startup: , and one focused on investment banking: .

Last week, deals came from 4 different countries. We are proud to…

Hi fintech friends!

This week, another member is joining our team. Welcome to our new recruit ! Very happy to see our team growing so fast!!

There are 11 deals that have been disclosed this week. And one of them is ours: ! Do not hesitate to read our about it.

Deal origin wise, last week’s distribution is rather diversified with 6 countries represented, among which, 4 French startups. Then we have 3 British Fintechs, a German one: Elucidate, an Hungarian one: a Swedish one: insurello, and a Spanish one: HandCash.

More than €130m have…

Dear fintech lovers,

I hope that you’re doing fine! Today is the first day kids are going back to school in France! Parents who spent the whole lockdown at home with their kids can finally rest a bit!

Almost €250m have been raised by European fintechs this week, through 7 deals!

Deal origin wise, last week was led, as usual, by the UK with 4 deals, including with a huge fundraising of $150m. A German start up, a Spanish one, an Estonian one and a French one: also knew the joy of fundraising this week. …

Hi fintech friends!

This week, we were very pleased to welcome a new recruit in our team. Jean Bertin () has a sound and solid background in Venture.
We are very proud and happy to have him in our team!

10 deals have been announced this week.

Deal origin wise, last week’s distribution is quite diversified with 6 countries represented, among which, one French startup: . Then we have 3 British, 2 Belgian, 2 Swedish startups, one Spanish startup and…one Danish startup in which we invested: !! We are very happy to announce this deal we led.

This week…

Dear Fintech enthousiasts,

If you are in France, we hope you enjoyed your first sip of beer at the restaurant and that this period will soon be definitely over!

Last week European Fintechs gathered more than €72m across 5 deals. However, the raised amounts of two deals have not been disclosed.

Geography wise, the five deals came from five different European countries: United Kingdom of course, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.

Sub-sector wise, three Banktech, three Wealthtech, and a Regtech (Caspian) deals also got announced.

Let’s dive right in:

Made with ❤ by BlackFin Tech


  • Founded in 2012, Tink initially proposed the aggregation of…

Dear fintech enthusiasts,

It is possible that you’re reading this newsletter from your usual offices. The “deconfinement” is being felt in France, and some will probably be celebrating it at the restaurants terraces!

Not less than the equivalent of €102m was raised across 6 rounds. With €85m+ raised by 3 startups!

Once again, the UK is still the most represented country with 4 deals out of 6. The other country is Germany with and .

Sub-industry wise, most of the rounds were raised by Banktechs (3). …

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